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Place to visit


Khartoum is the capital and largest city of Sudan and the state of Khartoum. It is located at the confluence of the White Nile, flowing north from Lake Victoria, and the Blue Nile, flowing west from Ethiopia. The location where the two Niles meet is known as "al-Morgan" (the confluence). The main Nile continues to flow north towards Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea.Divided by the Niles, and linked by bridges to Khartoum North (al-Kharṭūm Baḥrī) and Omdurman (Umm Durmān) to the west.

Khartoum city was first built by the Turkish/Egyptian army at the time of Mohamed Ali Pasha. He sent his army under the command of his third son Ismael Pasha in 1821. At the beginning, the Turkish used it as an army camp while later turned into the capital at the time of Othman Jerks Pasha Albrnji in 1824.

places to visit in khartoum:

  • The National Museum
  • The confluence of Blue Nile and White Nile (Mogran).
  • omdurman market
  • The Khalifat House Museum
  • The Madi Dome
  • camel Market

Port Sudan

Port Sudan its located at 836 northeast  khartoum, is a coasted city. It holds the largest port in Sudan. It is considered as the only gate to the sea for some African countries like Ethiopia, Chad, and the republic of South Sudan. The strategic place for Port Sudan has made it the central point for many national and international companies and establishments. Port Sudan is famous for its magnificent shores, fishing trips, and diving spots. It is also famous for its coral reefs. They are considered as the most beautiful coral reefs all over the world

places to visit in portsudan.

  • Arkawit .
  • Sawaken.
  • Sanganab.
  • Eman resort.



Northern Region

Meroe its lacated at 437km from khartoum,it is one of the largest archaeological sites in ancient Nubia. It has produced decades of extensive excavations and research, including thousands of graves and tombs and the residential quarters of the main city surrounding it.

Places to visit in Meroe .

  • Nuri it’s far from Meroe for just a few kilometers
  • Alkuru it’s far from Meroe for just a few kilometers
  • jabal albarkal it’s far from Meroe for just a few kilometers
  • diffufa   it’s located at 535km from Khartoum  
  • wawa it’s located at 680km from Khartoum  
  • halfa valley it’s located at 920km from Khartoum  
  • old dongola it’s located at 150km from meroe   
  • third cataract it’s located at 598km from Khartoum  
  • Bernishia

River nile state

  The Nile is the longest river in the world. It is located in the continent of Africa and flows to the north. It has two major rivers, the White Nile and the Blue Nile. Its civilization still traces its remains to the Nubian civilization (Kingdom of Kush), such as:

Al-Naga  which located 170 km from Khartoum.

Musawwarat es-Sufra 20 km from the location of Naqaa, and about 29 km to the east of the Nile. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011.

Bagrawiyah its lacated  200 km north-east of Khartoum.and its collects more than 40 diffrent pyramids.


North Kordofan

Shikan museum ,the museum derives its name from the  battle, thick with thorns, Shikan battle at north of the city kazgil and south of Al-Obit city in the state of north kurdufan,and not far from the white Nile and about 45km. the events of the battle took place in 1883. And it is regarded as one of the most famous battles of AL-Mahadia time.

North Darfur


ALI DINAR. he lived in AL-FASHER and built a factory for the wrap made to  cover the kaaba in mekka 20 years .he was killed in one of the battles against the english army, the museum located in darfur in AL-FASHER city the palace itself is a place of history and art. it contains artefacts as the sultan's belonging and of those before him.

Dinder National Reservation

Sudan like all African countries, have different types of wildlife and birds. Dinder National Reservation. Dinder was announced a reservation in 1935 covering 3500 square mile in space and its collecting more than 1500 different kind of animals and birds . It takes tourists a maximum of 10hours by car to fully view. The best time of the year to visit the reservation is between January and April. Dinder is regarded as the biggest of its kind in Africa.

Hunting area

Sudan, has a wealth of natural forests with 250 million feddans of natural forests. These forests have many advantages that distinguish them from other forests located in the African continent.

places to hunting in sudan.

  • Senar
  • Albotana
  • Nile river
  • north kordufan
  • north region