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Meroe trip
02-Aug 2017

On 27/July/2017 Shiri travels and tourism arranged a trip for three days to the ancient’s northern area, promoting the inbound tourism in Sudan.

Day1: the group moved at evening 4:30  from Khartoum by Tourist bus (50 persons) and two other vehicles With special drivers and a comfort vehicles .the group head to Meroe village (383km) passing through (Shirian alshamal) then to Almoltaga (303km) . Reach it on 10:30pm after diner they took a rest till morning.

Day2: after breakfast at the hotel (7:30AM) the group headed to ( Alkuru). Lead by the tour guide Mr. (waleed) explained the features of the ancient areas. After alkuru the group went by boats to an island called (Kassenga) surrounded by green area and the Nile, had lunch there and coffee, at the way back at (5:30pm) they had Nile cruse around the island a magnificent view at the middle of the Nile. At night during the diner a party with the most famous singing band in Meroe.


Day3: at morning the group moved to the one of the most important urban area (Nuri) which collects more than 32 different pyramids. Then they targeted the biggest dam in Sudan( Meroe dam) (35km) located at 4th the way back to Khartoum they had the lunch at almoltaga

Reached Khartoum at 9:15 pm.